They understand development, they understand construction but above all else they really understand residential.

Jeremy Osborne
Director - Silver Reach Developments

With extensive experience within the residential sector Development Consult is able to offer comprehensive services to Individuals, House Builders and Property Developers.

We have an excellent track record and a collective tally of over 4,000 homes delivered.  We have worked on individual homes in Cotswold villages to £multi-million apartment blocks in city-centres for blue-chip companies such as Persimmon Homes & Charles Church.

We fully understand the development process and the importance of cost certainty, but also the meaning of ‘value’ to both individuals and developers.  We understand the language of development, and tailor our reports in order that you receive the information that is important to you e.g. costs expressed in £/net sqft, or the real cost of a parking space, a kitchen, a bathroom or an IT/Media installation.

With the increasing importance of eco and sustainable living, we will happily investigate and oversee the implementation of co-ordinated electrical and heating services, as well as water recycling and other requirements of the code for sustainable homes.

We can provide individual tailored services to developers, or alternatively provide ‘Total Delivery’ from initial feasibility, through design, planning and procurement to final snag, removing the day to day complication of the construction process, whilst closely working with appointed architects or interior designers.  We always ensure risk is appropriately managed or transfered, and never lose sight of the client’s aspirations.


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